In conversation with Susan Dobson
Interview with Marianne Pointner
The Ontarion
Feb 2, 2012.

Anxious Desires: The Photography of Susan Dobson Interview with Robert Enright
Border Crossings
Issue no. 119, 2011


Susan Dobson: Dislocation
Article by Gary Michael Dault
Ciel Variable
Issue 87, Jan - May 2011


Susan Dobson: Moonrise
Hamilton Arts and Letters
Issue five, Spring/Summer 2012


Susan Dobson at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery
Article by Gil McElroy
December 2011

Susan Dobson: By Design
Prefix Photo
Volume 13, No.1, 2012


Canadian Biennial Aims To Build Different Vision Of National Art
Review by Leah Sandals
Canadian Art online edition
November 1, 2012

Susan Dobson: Retail
Article by Anna Cox
Hamilton Arts and Letters
Issue five, Spring/Summer 2012.

Constructive Criticism
Article by Isa Tousignant
enRoute Magazine
May 2009

A Photo A Day:
Contact '09—Susan Dobson's RETAIL

Article by Murray Whyte
The Toronto Star
May 2009

Typologies of Nowhere

Article by Derek Flack
May 2009

Temporary Architectures
Article by Mike Landry
Things of Desire
October 2008

Photopolis and Nocturne: Where Darkrooms Meet White Nights
See It
Canadian Art (Online Edition)
October 2008

Nocturne: sight night
Article by Laura Kenins
The Coast
October 2008


Camerafrontera 2007 exhibition pamphlet
White Water Gallery
May 2007


Catalogue essay by Marnie Fleming
Centennial Gallery, 2002

Sprawl puts suburbia in focus:
Photographic exhibit study with a message

Review by Elaine Hujer
The Hamilton Spectator
December 13, 2002

Photographer takes aim at suburbs in Sprawl
The Oakville Beaver
November 15, 2002

Photographer documents life in Oakville
Review by Craig MacBride
The Oakville Beaver
December 11, 2002


Beauty in routine
Review by Thomas Hirschmann
NOW Magazine
Apr 1-7, 2004

CBC's RADIO 3 Online Magazine
Volume 2 Issue 8

The Sound of No Hand Clapping

Catalogue essay by Gary Michael Dault
Art Gallery of Peel, 2001

I Love A Man in a Gas Station Uniform
Catalogue essay by Ihor Holubizky
Art Gallery of Peel, 2001.

The Place where the Aldermen Grow
Catalogue essay by Judy Daley
Art Gallery of Peel, 2001


Projected Changes
by Geoff Girvitz
Saturday Night Magazine
September 2004


Bad Lands:
The Outsideism of Susan Dobson, Ray Mortenson, and Jaclyn Shoub
by Shauna McCabe
BackFlash, 2003


Susan Dobson at Tatar Alexander
by Gary Michael Dault
Gallery Going
Globe and Mail
September 29, 2001

Natural. Disaster
by Kathy Rumleski
London Free Press
March 3, 2010

Art Explores Relationship Between Humans and the Environment
Western News
February 26, 2010


KWAG Biennial: Monochrome Mavericks
Article by David Balzer
Canadian Art Online
June 9, 2011

Susan Dobson: Rememory
Article by Emma Renda
Echo Weekly
October 2008


Individuality is hanging on the walls
Article by Sarah McGoldrick
News Express
May, 2006

Spatial Portraits
Article by Laura Hollick
Canadian Interiors
Sep/Oct 2005

Inauguraron en el Chopo 6 Muestras, en el Marco de Fotoseptiembre
Sep, 2005.

The Lure of Verisimilitude
Article by Dot Tuer
Contact Magazine
for Toronto’s Photography Festival
May 2005

Super Snooper: Photographer Susan Dobson peeks into private spaces
Review by Wes LaFortune
FFWD Weekly
January 13, 2005

Projected Changes
Article by Geoff Girvitz
Saturday Night
September 2004

44 Comes to Clarington
Catalogue essay by Margaret Rodgers
Visual Arts Centre of Clarington
July, 2004

The Portrait of our Material Selves
Review by Laura Hollick
The View
June 3-9, 2004

Sneak Peeks
Canadian Interiors Magazine
Jan/Feb, 2004

A Peeping Tom Invades Suburbia
by Gary Michael Gault
Globe and Mail
January 31, 2004

Suburbia reveals its colourful secrets
by Peter Goddard
The Toronto Star
January 31, 2004

It's what's inside that counts
by Samantha Grice
National Post
January 8, 2004

CBC's RADIO 3 Online Magazine
Volume 1 Issue 16

Cover image of textbook:
Literature and the Writing Process
by McMahan, Day, and Funk
Pearson Canada


Re-Envisioning Habitat
Article by Derek J.J. Knight
Oakville Galleries exhibition pamphlet
Jan 2007

Art exhibit examines clash between culture and nature
Review by Krissie Rutherford
The Oakville Beaver
Feb 2, 2007

Artists provide unique perspectives of Oakville
Review by Krissie Rutherford
The Oakville Beaver
Feb. 3, 2006

Drifters on the Heritage Trail
Catalogue essay by Helen Marzolf
Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, 2001

Urban Landscape
Review by Charles Mandel
The Edmonton Journal
Aug 4, 2000

review by Maureen Fenniak
Vue Weekly
Aug 3-9, 2000

le mois de la photo a montreal
Review by Bill Kouwenhoven
photo metro
Volume 18, Issue 157, 2000

Le Couleur du Confort
Catalogue essay by Elene Tremblay
le mois de la photo a Montréal, 1999

Disturbingly Suburban
by Gobi Kim
Sep/Oct 1999

Gallery Going
by Gary Michael Dault
Globe and Mail
July 10, 1999