Susan Dobson was born in Riverview, New Brunswick, to a family of land developers, and she also spent some early years living in a historic German town. While in Europe she witnessed the residual evidence of WWII bombing raids, and the rebuilding and restoration that was still underway. As a result of her background, themes of unearthing and rebuilding, and architecture and archaeology are frequently evidenced in her photographs. Her work is also strongly rooted in the medium of photography itself, in its technological and material qualities, its history, and its indexical nature. Dobson’s photographs have been exhibited internationally at galleries and festivals including CONTACT (Toronto, Canada), Fotoseptiembre (Mexico City), Le Mois de la Photo (Montreal, Canada), Images Festival (Vevey, Switzerland), Bitume/Bitumen (Brussels), and FotoNoviembre (Spain). Dobson’s photographs can be found in numerous collections, including the National Gallery of Canada, Oakville Galleries, Toronto Archives, Swiss Museum of Photography, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Art Gallery of Windsor, and the Portland Museum.

Susan Dobson lives in Guelph, Ontario where she is Professor at the University of Guelph.

For an interview with Robert Enright please see Border Crossings Issue 119 Sep 2011

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